Mel Riedy has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sector, with a particular focus on leading change management efforts within healthcare setting/s. She brings a unique combination of change management expertise and project management skills to guide organisations successfully through change.

Throughout her career, she has successfully guided several large organisations through complex change journeys. By leveraging a structured change management framework, she establishes a measured approach that ensures effective planning, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable outcomes. These principles and strategies are tailored to suit the specific circumstances and requirements of each organisation, allowing her to address unique barriers, engage stakeholders effectively, and align the change initiative with the organisation’s strategic goals.

Clear communication, active engagement, and fostering a culture of innovation are paramount in her approach. Involving key stakeholders from the outset, creating ownership and buy-in.

Moreover, her agile approach allows her to adapt strategies and tactics as the project evolves. Closely monitoring progress, seeking feedback, and making the necessary adjustments to ensure alignment with the organisation’s overall goals.