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Our goal is to create the most profitable, effective people strategy for your company so that it can more easily achieve its short, medium and long term goals.

Creating a strategy like that requires a tailored solution for each company to ensure that it’s highly effective.

What challenges can we help you solve?

Dysfunctional Teams

The core of so many team issues is the dysfunctional team. Since your company is your people, a dysfunctional team makes for a broken company. Fixing these issues can result in large gains to the bottom line.

A dysfunctional team is characterised by some or all of:

  • A lack of trust between team members or lack of trust in the company leader.
  • Your team not collaborating as effectively as you’d like them to.
  • Gossiping or backstabbing within your team.
  • Lots of nods in agreement when new goals or policies are suggested but without your team following up and delivering (may also include team members not being accountable).
  • A general decline in terms of results directly attributable to your people.

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Recruitment problems tend to cause excess expense, time wasted and good people lost.

Recruitment issues are characterised by identifying some or all of:

  • High staff turnover.
  • Your competitors stealing your best people.
  • A disconnect between what you believe about your people and what actually happens.
  • Your recruitment process seems archaic compared to the industry standards or your top competitors.
  • You can’t seem to get the right people when you need them.
  • You don’t have a people pipeline planned out and ready to go ahead of time.

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Coaching or 1 0n 1 Development

Coaching can help you create positive change.

If you:

  • Are overwhelmed
  • Need support
  • Need personal leadership growth
  • Need help with solving team or business challenges
  • Need to bounce ideas off someone independent
  • Looking for someone to challenge your way of thinking
  • A new Leader
  • An experienced leader

We can help you because coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on you.  Coaching is about unlocking your potential to maximise your performance.

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Employer of Choice / Employer Branding

Being an employer of choice within your industry makes the entire company run more smoothly as amazing people are easier to find and retain. If you’re not currently an employer of choice, this is something that can be fixed.

Employer of choice or branding issues are generally characterised by finding some of all of:

  • New amazing, potential employees aren’t seeking your company out.
  • Lots of applications are coming in but they’re all low-average or the wrong people who are applying.
  • You have found yourself hiring out of desperation or hiring people who are ‘good enough’ but not amazing.
  • Following surveys with your existing team you find that nobody can clearly describe why they love working for your company or your culture.

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Diversity / Inclusion

Research has shown repeatedly that a diverse team succeeds better due to the different perspectives and types of innovation that different people bring. Fixing these issues can bring a much more highly functional team and increase your overall innovation. This lifts up almost every other aspect of the company.

Diversity or inclusion issues can be characterised by identifying:

  • Starts at the top – what does your leadership team look like? Is it a particular majority of a culture/gender?
  • Middle management or lower – how diverse is this team, not just from a physical background but also from a belief perspective? How many demographics make it up?

Are you wanting to have a more diverse team but don’t know how to go about it? You are not alone.

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Cultural issues are often at the core of other team challenges that a company faces.

You can broadly characterise these by identifying:

  • Problems with staff turnover.
  • Either not checking at all or looking at your team’s faces (or using engagement surveys) and seeing that they are not engaged with their work and the company.
  • Doing pulse checks with your team annually (or less frequently).
  • Seeing a general decline in results. While this can sometime be market driven, it can often have started internally with your team.
  • Your team can’t tell you (or other people) why they are working at your company.
  • General productivity has decreased over time.

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Your HR team should be driving strategy not only responding to problems

When your HR team is brought in at the start of the conversation as well as when there are specific problems to solve you will end up with specific, profit growth strategies in place for your HR team to spearhead.

Working with your current HR team, a people strategy gap analysis will help you find what will most effectively drive your bottom line next when it comes to your team and then create the document to move forward.

What could you achieve with the expertise and experience of a Chief People Officer creating a tailored strategy for your company at a price that makes sense for your profit goals?

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The initial consultation and gap analysis

After your initial consultation, if we decide to continue together, a longer conversation will be required before we begin working together, with you and all stakeholders to complete your in-depth team gap analysis.

The gap analysis helps your team and our team understand what is missing and what is going to be the most efficient, profitable way to handle the situation.

The solution revealed through the gap analysis process could be all kinds of different options but will completely depend on the major problem areas identified while working with you.