Mary-Anne Flanagan is a seasoned professional with three decades of experience in finance and general management, specializing in entrepreneurial organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an Executive MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Mary-Anne’s journey in the business world has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to fostering growth, and a passion for guiding businesses towards their full potential. She has been a driving force behind the success of numerous entrepreneurial ventures. Her expertise extends across various industries, allowing her to offer a holistic perspective on business operations, financial management, and strategic planning. With a keen eye for identifying opportunities and mitigating risks, Mary-Anne has consistently guided organizations through critical phases of growth, enabling them to scale up and thrive in competitive environments.

As a Scale-Up Coach and Growth Consultant, Mary-Anne is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge with emerging and established businesses alike. Her approach is characterized by a blend of analytical rigour, creative problem-solving, and a genuine commitment to the success of her clients. She understands that each business is unique, and her customized strategies reflect this appreciation for individuality.