Carole Cooper Consulting


As the head of Carole Cooper Consulting, I have a diverse background with more than 30 years’ experience working with multinational corporations and solving problems in chief people officer roles.

I work with executive teams in medium-to-large scale businesses (40+ staff) to improve leadership capability, develop people strategies and achieve growth and profit. I have also managed teams through some of their toughest transitions, including as the lead for one of the world’s largest travel companies (22,000 staff across 24 countries) during COVID 19.

I am a certified advisory board chair, speaker, mentor and advisor to owners and executives who are in the emerging, growing and changing business cycle.

I am passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, having spent my entire life challenging what isn’t fair. I grew up in South Africa and protested apartheid at the young age of 15. I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their race, religion or belief system.

I will show you how to implement change in your business that not only celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion, but actually delivers outcomes.

In my spare time, I love to cook as I believe that food is a powerful tool in bringing people together. You can find my cookbook at Carole’s Kitchen Capers at

I have managed teams through some of the toughest transitions, including being the lead for one of the worlds largest travel companies during COVID19 (22,000 staff across 24 countries).

We are so focused on your company’s bottom line that we ensure that any solutions we suggest are achievable on or under budget.

We’re here to work with you to help you grow your business and dramatically improve your team strategy.

Let’s find out if there is a way for us to help you transform your people strategy and positively impact your growth.

What could you achieve with your team?

Every business is in a unique position with their current team so an effective strategy requires an in-depth analysis of the current situation along with the short, medium and long term goals of the company.

Here are some real world results, achieved by implementing the result of my team strategy gap analysis:

Transforming Learning

By transforming the learning process (sales training for customer facing and leadership training for management), sales directly increased by 15% in APAC and 50% in Asia.

  • Timeline: 18 months from the start of the gap analysis through verifying initial results, testing, adjusting, finalising the strategy, implementing and gathering final results data.

Specialist Recruitment In-House

By bringing all specialist recruitment in-house the ASX listed client saved over $3.5 million in two years and continues to save on annual recruitment costs.

  • Timeline: 2 years to scale initial small testing group with one department up to company-wide processes.

NPS Score & Customer Facing Staff Turnover

Improved Net Promoter Score of all potential staff going through hiring process who were unsuccessful (not hired) from being in deeply negative numbers up to 20+. Directly correlated with huge improvement in new staff turnover during the first year leading to best staff retention figures in retail in APAC market.

  • Timeline: 12 months


Working with HR and people teams for a client to find efficiencies helped them come in under budget by more than 5% for five straight years in a row. Achieved through automation, simplifying processes where needed, improving systems, looking for costs savings and finding non-obvious efficiency opportunities.

Flexibility & Employer of Choice

The workforce of today wants flexibility in the hours and locations they work. Worked with a client in a challenging industry who was sure flexibility was not possible but realised that flexibility was important to their team and very important to becoming an employer of choice. Across two years, flexibility went from 12% globally to 32%.

  • Timeline: 2 years to drive flexibility changes in process and implementation

Our Philosophies


Asking the right questions to determine the biggest roadblocks to achieving your business objectives.


Great things happen when you have the courage to start.


A service as unique as your company’s people.


Experience and expertise of a Chief People Officer  without the wage that comes with it.


Nurture your people’s potential for a more profitable future.